Valet Parking, and Busses

Loulu Palm Farms is located on the North Shore of Oahu. Parking is limited. We recommend clients hire a professional valet service for every retreat. In the interest of safety, and consideration of community residents, Lessor requires that Lessee hire professional transportation services for a Retreat with a total vehicle count over 50, this number must include vendors that may also need to park vehicles on-site. Lessor has several relationships with a transport companies to assist with these arrangements. Lessor requests that Lessee notify all attendees (vendors and guests ) to drive the speed limit, do  not block access to property or Kamehameha Hwy and be considerate of community residents. Available parking spaces for no more than 50 vehicles total, this count must include vendors vehicles in the total final vehicle count. More than 50 total self parked vehicles will require you to contract outsourced valet services *75- 85 total anticipated vehicles will require you to contract shuttle as well as valet services. Shuttle sizes may not exceed 34 seats. We do not have overflow parking. There is no street parking. Some of the parking is located under fruiting trees during some seasons. All parking is at your own risk. Lessee is responsible for managing retreat parking on the Retreat Date. Lessor is not responsible for parking management. Lessee must therefore arrange for professional valet parking attendant(s) to manage guest parking. If Lessee requires Lessor’s parking attendant or direction services, Lessee must notify and finalize parking arrangements with Lessor no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Retreat Date. Failure to make proper parking or transportaion arrangements will result in a $700 Parking Management Fee to be assessed from the client security deposit upon retreat end. Lessee is not allowed to post any directional or Retreat signs, placards or decor of any kind in any location outside of the Property or on the adjacent Highway, telephone poles, driveway, gate or mailbox.

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